[Podcast Interview] My Formula for Optimal Living

My willingness to being open to new perspectives and solutions has been a direct contributor to the flow, positivity and healing in my adult life.

At age 15, I was told there was a very good chance I’d be in a wheelchair by my 40’s. I was told I had an auto-immune condition and there was nothing I could do but take medication.

I bought into it for a while (8 years) and my body felt the pain immensely. I was debilitated and chronically stressed – from head to toe.

Then one year, life *magically* shifted for me. And the more I bought into the goodness, the more the goodness fueled me. I found myself in a positive spiral, and although over the years I’ve been kicked out of this spiral a few good times, I always find my way back – thanks to my willingness to seeing and doing things differently.

In this authenticity podcast, I share:

  • How I’m feeling currently and why being surrounded by Mother Nature recently helped me feel more open and grounded
  • Why my attendance at the Do Lectures inspired me
  • Why it’s important to be vulnerable and create a space for people to be vulnerable
  • Why it’s important to set intentions when you enter situations
  • What my life and career goals are right now
  • How I got to where I am today
  • How I was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis at age 13
  • Why I started blogging and sharing
  • How my PhD helped me become my own doctor
  • What authenticity means to me

If you are moved in any way by the podcast, I’d love to hear from you in the comments below.

I’ll leave you with this recent authentic share and request of mine, that seemed to resonate with a lot of people!

Sending you love,
Dr. Rhea xx

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