Clean Sweep

A 3-month comprehensive program to help you clean sweep your health and lifestyle. This program consists of one-hour coaching sessions every 2 weeks via skype or in person for a total of 6 sessions.

This program includes an assessment of your Health History and Metabolic Typing, followed by your Clean Sweep Action Plan, which includes:


In this program, I will work with you to raise your health and lifestyle to a level that’s aligned with your greater purpose. I’ll help you understand your specific nutritional needs, and I’ll guide you on how to deliver optimal value to your mind and body, while recognizing and overcoming habits that aren’t serving you. My signature program will enable you to move forward in life, feeling cleaner, lighter, happier, more motivated, energized, and purpose-driven.

As we go deeper into our sessions, we’ll go deeper into your life. We’ll talk work, relationships, creativity, purpose, physical health and happiness, and we’ll draw connections to your health and healing. At the end of our program, we will re-assess your goals and health status and decide whether to continue to work together on a bimonthly basis. We may also switch to a maintenance program, whereby we connect only once a month. This is decided on a client-by-client basis, depending on your needs.


Cleanse to Clarity

A 6-month comprehensive program which includes the 3-month Clean Sweep Program as above plus an extra 3 months that can be used anytime in the same year.

This program involves all of the above, and provides 6 additional one-hour coaching sessions to ensure new habits and rituals become integrated and applied on a regular basis. It also allows for additional education, support, deeper analysis and follow through on longer term goals.




1 one-hour coaching session per month

This program is offered to existing clients who would like to continue beyond the  Clean Sweep or Cleanse to Clarity Programs with additional coaching on a flexible schedule.



Power Hour

A 1-on-1 call with me to discuss anything you would like to know or learn more about in the context of health and nutrition.




Power Month

A 1 month custom protocol to help you clean sweep and upgrade your health and lifestyle. This program consists of 2 one-hour educational and interactive sessions via skype or in person, along with customized recipes, a shopping list, meal plan and shopping cart (as needed).   For this custom protocol, you are free to choose how you would like to make use of your 2 one-hour sessions. Examples include education and Q&A, personal shopping, in-home or video-based recipe demonstrations or kitchen (pantry and fridge) clean sweep to remove trigger foods.

This program includes an assessment of your Health History and Metabolic Typing, followed by your Custom Protocol, which includes:



Deep Dive

½ day or 1 day Program

In this intensive program, we’ll dive deep, covering much of what you would learn over the course of a multi-month program. This package includes hands-on guidance, including home audit (kitchen, bathroom, laundry), personal shopping, creative visualization, education and recipe demonstrations. There will be a large focus on education and health strategy, so we ensure you walk away feeling replete in know-how, and motivated to create long-term shifts in your diet and lifestyle.

This program is best designed for those who are comfortable absorbing and digesting large amounts of information in one sitting, without feeling overwhelmed.

What’s included:



I also offer multi-day Intensive Coaching, or what I refer to as an In-House Coaching Program. This method of coaching has proven successful for my clients who run businesses and/or lead very busy lives. To determine the most appropriate short-term and long-term health strategies and hacks for my clients, I shadow their daily home and work activities for a set number of days. If this is an area of interest, please contact me directly.


For all inquiries, please email [email protected] with the subject COACHING SERVICES. From there I’ll invite you to book a free 15 minute consult to discuss.

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