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As a speaker, I share my top strategies and hacks on nutrition, detoxification, stress reduction and optimal living. Depending on the audience, I’ll speak to health in the context of:

Here’s a list of my most recent speaking gigs:

Corporate Wellness

I enjoy and have experience in speaking to a variety of audiences, like entrepreneurs, professionals, patients, students and health-conscious individuals.

Please contact [email protected] to discuss speaking opportunities.


Want more info?

Here’s a description of one of my favourite talks to give. It’s called Design Your Optimal Life.

We live in a world where the combined burden that our environment, diet, lifestyle and metabolic processes play upon our bodies each day can overwhelm our capacity to remove it, leading to a wide range of symptoms and dysfunctions. What if we could use nutrients in food and nutraceuticals to strategically enhance our weakened internal systems? This way of thinking may be considered alternative, but it is also ancient and proven. Adopting it challenges us to creatively redefine our relationship with food, placing nutritional value over aesthetics and medicinal function over the instant gratification of flavour. The concept of food as medicine invites us to a whole new kind of living, one that takes us from a complacent “satisfactory” health rating to an optimal state of living that provides abundant energy and vitality and promotes longevity. It’s time to redesign our lives in a way that unlocks our healthiest potential and aligns us with our goals.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]