Green Warrior Smoothie

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Description My Green Warrior Smoothie Recipe is incredibly nutrient-dense and delicious! It’s nicely balanced with fiber, protein and healthy fat to ensure the natural sugars aren’t metabolized so quickly, thereby preventing a spike in blood sugar. This blender full of goodness is equivalent to eating a humongous salad, that one surely wouldn’t be able to […]

My Reasons for Launching Global Smoothie Day

global smoothie day

  Before I get into my reasons for launching Global Smoothie Day, let me tell you what it’s all about: Global Smoothie Day is a 100% FREE initiative to celebrate self-care through nourishment. Our intention is to inspire and motivate people across the world to champion their health and happiness on October 3rd every year.  To […]

Should You Rotate Your Greens?

Rotate Greens - Living Rhea

  My first response to this question has always been a giant eye-roll. The saying goes “everything in moderation” and that really does mean everything. But as this question seemed to be popping up everywhere I went, and as it concerns me and my family since we eat a lot of greens regularly, I thought […]