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My Reasons for Launching Global Smoothie Day


Before I get into my reasons for launching Global Smoothie Day, let me tell you what it’s all about:

Global Smoothie Day is a 100% FREE initiative to celebrate self-care through nourishment. Our intention is to inspire and motivate people across the world to champion their health and happiness on October 3rd every year. 

To help get things kick started, we’ve provided a Global Smoothie Day Starter Kit as a free download from the website. It’s loaded with community-donated smoothie recipes, preparation tips and creative ideas on how to celebrate GSD at home, with friends and in your workplace.  We’re also asking everyone who’s participating to post pictures or videos highlighting self-care in *any* way via social media using hashtag #GlobalSmoothieDay on October 3rd. Selfies with a positive caption are certainly welcome, and we’re hoping people will take snapshots of their own smoothie gatherings on October 3rd. We’ll certainly be capturing moments from our gathering here in Toronto (click to see invitation to our free launch party). 


Why is October 3rd ‪#‎GlobalSmoothieDay‬? October 3rd is the day my father transitioned 5 years ago (Oct 3, 2010). My father fought a very short battle with a gastric cancer, that came to us as a devastating surprise. My father’s passing had a lot to do with me stepping into my power as a leader in the area of health empowerment, preventive medicine and integrative nutrition. I tend to say when he died, I rose.

Through my deep heart-break, I uncovered another layer of love, one that was so powerful and so passionate. It was love for our planet and all of her inhabitants. I felt a strong desire to take my place as a key representative of Nature, and be a guide and teacher to those who were seeking alternatives, to those who were wishing for new solutions to optimal health and happiness.

When my body was broken (I’d been with chronic disease for most of my teens and low twenties), I couldn’t eat much without discomfort, pain and inflammation taking over. Even when I embarked on the journey of optimal eating and natural healing, I still wasn’t able to absorb nutrition (think about how little we chew and how fast we eat in general).

That’s when I discovered healthy green smoothies… a highly nutritious and accessible form of “fast-food” – well suited to my on-the-go lifestyle.

Smoothies gave me back my life. The blender being my pre-chewing master. Once I got the hang of it, I realized I had the knowledge to design blended concoctions to suit my health needs: immune support, energy boost, anti-inflammatory, super-hydration, multi-vitamin…. and to meet the needs of others as well.

I didn’t get here over night, but I did commit to paying better attention to myself – my needs and wishes – knowing that meant I’d be more present and attentive to others: My family, friends and colleagues.

My wish: For #GlobalSmoothieDay on October 3rd to be that day where so many of us across the world wake up with the intention of being nicer to our bodies and motivating those around us to care for themselves.

If you’re keen to help me make this happen: 

1) Go to and download our free Starter Kit. 

2) Take a picture/video of you, your smoothie, your social gathering or anything that reflects self-care for you and post it on social media (twitter, instagram, facebook) on October 3rd, tagging #globalsmoothieday.

3) Share this wellthy mission // blog post // website with your people!


With love and deep gratitude,

Dr. Rhea
Founder of Global Smoothie Day 

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