Coconut Butter Product Review

The perks

Coconut butter is an all round body healer. Produced from the meat of the coconut, coconut butter also contains coconut oil. It stimulates energy and metabolism thanks to its fat composition, which unlike most fats, is primarily medium chain based. Medium chain fatty acids are immediately burned by the body for energy, unlike longer chain fats, which are stored. And thanks to its healthy fat content in general, coconut will take longer to digest, and therefore keep you full for longer. This is ideal for those wanting to control weight, balance sugar cravings, and still enjoy themselves a tantalizing treat. Coconut products are also one of the few foods containing immune-boosting lauric acid, a fatty acid naturally found in breast milk, which has antiviral, antifungal and antimicrobial properties. 1-2 tablespoons of coconut butter per day is all it takes to support your immune system, and keep the bad guys at bay. As a bonus, your skin and hair will also benefit immensely by your daily coconut consumption, adding moisture and removing dryness. Finally, another fatty acid that makes coconut products so unique and powerful is the potent antifungal caprylic acid, which is famous for its candida killing effects. It’s also known to normalize your stomach acid, a complication experienced by many, despite not knowing it.

Why I love this product

The coconut butter I love is the real deal. It is not heated. It’s simply whole coconut that’s been naturally repurposed into a thick, creamy and smooth butter through grinding and slight dehydration. As a result, all nutrients remain intact. Coconut meat is naturally and perfectly sweet, so this is my go-to sweet tooth treat. One straight spoonful does the trick, and I savor the creaminess in my mouth until it’s fully dissolved, and making its way into my happy body. I also love adding coconut meat to no bake desserts, smoothies, and on the rare but highly savored occasion, a caffeinated beverage like organic coffee or hot spicy cacao, for the good fat and of course, natural sweetness. Brand is important here, as not all processing is done the same. If you’d rather buy yours in stores, read the labels to ensure the taste and nutrient quality haven’t been heat-altered, and hence compromised.

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