Get a Real Start on Your Clean Life

Every single day we are eating, drinking, breathing and applying toxicity, both knowingly and unknowingly. It’s hard to stop, when alternatives seem so far out of reach.

How does this affect us?

These hidden toxins can trigger a host of symptoms, like mind fog, slow digestion, low energy, fluctuating moods and elevated hunger. Many of us think these symptoms are just part of the aging process. We let them stay, and just deal with a less than optimal life. We drag ourselves out of bed and use our daily dose of coffee to power us back on for the day (or the hour). We continue to hear the noise in the background and feel the slowness of our system, but we don’t take time to reboot or rethink. And above all, we don’t ask for help.

An accumulation of symptoms, however, may trigger more of a wake up call. These reactions range from hormone disruption to cancer. They used to be considered issues of the long-term – of old age, which made it easier to push aside (I’ll deal with these later…).

Here’s whats up: Our generation is the first to be experiencing a reduction in our life expectancy. Health problems of old age are now starting to manifest earlier on in life.

That’s down right embarrassing.

The great news here is that all of this is preventable and treatable with the right intentions, practices and support. The protocol for healing is individual, but all healing starts with the same willingness to see and do things differently.

Today I invite you to get a real start on your clean life.

That means:

1) Develop an interest in toxicity. What does toxic build up mean in the context of our bodies? We understand water and air pollution pretty well. What about body pollution? What happens when we accumulate toxins faster than we can release, because we’re not activating our detoxification systems to their full potential? What happens when we miss a day of pooing? Or when our pee is full on yellow for multiple days in a row? Or when we drink alcohol and within seconds feel tipsy? Or when we sit at a computer for hours in a row? Or when we skip sleep? That’s right. An accumulation of toxins.

2) Understand HOW to activate your detoxification systems to their full potential. What can we eat, drink or do to facilitate the removal of crap from our bodies and fix damaged processes? What must we stop eating, drinking or breathing in to reduce the influx of toxicity and the disruption of our hormones? A few days off the addictive stuff (sugar, sugar, sugar) will remind us who’s boss and who makes the rules. Hint: It’s not our sneaky minds. It’s us at the core! Our hearts, our souls, our gut feelings. We can only truly test this when we cut out the drugs — and this case, the most evil of all drugs is sugar. Just try it for a week. It’s one week! Are you worth experimenting on? I hope you’re nodding a yes.

3) Understand HOW to fuel your body with balanced nutrition. Once we’ve rebooted our systems and regained control over our bodies, we must understand our specific daily requirements. You may need more protein and I may need more fat. We’ve gotta try eating different combinations of protein, good fat and slow-digesting carbohydrates until our energy is regulated and consistent. If we can’t figure this part out on our own, there are plenty of practitioners out there to help and tests we can take to better guide us. Ask me! It’s also helpful to track your progress in a food journal and look for patterns.

In summary, to get a real start on your clean life, you’ll want to:
– Keep toxins out, as best as you can.
– Learn how to remove them effectively when you can’t avoid them (detoxify your body!).
– Understand what to put in your body to make you feel naturally high.


Love, Rxx

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