Emotional Eating

Emotional Eating – You’re Not Alone

Today, I’m sharing I’M READY with you. It’s about my experience with emotional eating.


Food is ready
Belly heavy
Am I hungry?
I take a bite
Out of spite
I’m angry
I feel low
Thinking slow
Eyes are closing
A shot of espresso
Make that two
Now I’m running
To the energy crash
I feel like trash
Side of fries, please
Home alone
Sweet tooth wins
How could this be
I committed to me
I’m lonely
Help me please
Just hold me and love me
One more chance
One last dance
I’m ready
I’m so lucky
It’s hard for me to see
But I’m free
To walk, to think, to act
To be me
I’m ready
Take my hand
Show me how
I trust you now
Baby steps okay
Day by day
The lowest hanging fruit
Will deepen my root
Slow and steady
I’m so ready

Do you resonate with this poem? Have you had similar experiences and want to share a note? I’d love to hear from you – leave a message in the comments below.

Dr. Rhea

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