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Why I Choose to be a Coach

It’s not every day you meet someone at a party or event and they tell you they’re an Optimal Living Coach. So, why did I choose this label and path?

As a life-long learner and seeker of good health, I’ve made my rounds, searching for the best in health care and disease prevention. In the process, I’ve received loads of medical and holistic advice, and much of it I’ve found useful. However, my big questions and concerns would seem to emerge only after attempting to implement the recommendations I received from my various therapists:

Therapist: “Take omega 3 pills to help with inflammation.” Me: “What kind do I buy— there are so many varieties! Can I take flax oil instead? What does unrefined and cold-pressed mean? Is that important!?”

Therapist: “Resolve your post-meal bloating by trying a hydrochloric acid challenge, as you may have low stomach acid.” Me: “I tried this and I experienced unbearable heart burn, so I stopped. Did I make a mistake? What else can I do to cure my bloating?”

Therapist: “Improve your energy by cutting out coffee”. Me: “I did this for a few days and then got such a strong headache, I had to get back on my coffee. What are some coffee substitutes or recipes I can try?”

By the time I got around to asking my questions, I would either not get a response back (via voice mail or email), or I would be left waiting until my next appointment, and by that time, I’d have already fallen off of my regime and lost track.

Now, I have many health practitioner friends, and I’m not putting them down by any means. I appreciate their strengths and skills immensely. But what this experience helped me understand was that there is an unmet need in the health and healing world.

If we are to create long-lasting, sustainable shifts in our overall wellness, we need someone we like and trust to catch us when we fall, and help us bounce back quickly and effectively. 

This is the gap in the marketplace that I’m intending to fill. It’s the role of a health and wellness coach: Someone who will help you more clearly envision your greatest potential, and then work with you to help you actualize your visions and achieve your goals, both in the short-term and long-term.

More clearly stated, as a coach my intent is to help you:

  1. Realize your best potential through visualization, empowerment and awareness
  2. Understand what personalized steps are needed to achieve your highest potential and goals, through education, guidance and practice
  3. Stay focused, driven and committed by acting as your personal accountability partner

And this is precisely what I’ve set out to do. It’s my calling, my service, and it’s what I’m intuitively good at. I’ve compiled years of knowledge, self-work and insights into an accelerated program that will allow you to appreciate your vitality and reach your goals through a comprehensive guided experience.

I know many of you fear the cost associated with taking on such an endeavour, or the level of commitment it takes to follow through with such a program. As someone who has successfully crossed the bridge from the land of sick, tired and confused to that of healthy, energetic and confident, I can say with conviction that it’s worth the time, the money and the effort.

Life is beautiful and magical when you cross over to this side, and it only gets better. My wish is to secure you with the best tools and guide you across the bridge, safely and lovingly. To learn more about my services, click here to visit my coaching page, and if you’d like to book your free consult, scroll down to the calendar and request a day that works for you.

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