Consequences – My Creative Expression

CONSEQUENCES came to me at a time of deep inner reflection as I remembered my journey, and the journey of many members of my community. I’ve found myself feeling isolated at times, alone in my healthy choices and patterns. My healthy ways saved my life! And I’m blessed to be where I am today. But what I’ve realized overtime is that I can’t demand others adopt my strategies. I can inspire, while being me, and that is enough.


I’m met with a choice

To change my ways

Are my habits serving me?

Sometimes destructively

Energy gone, emotions to grapple

All for the distraction of unconscious babble


In these moments

Inherent wisdom is lost

Responsibility deferred to the future

In the presence nothing else matters

Not breath nor intention

These truths get no mention

Only one focus for tonight

A journey outside my light

Nothing held dear

No tenderness here


This time feels different

I’m awakened to the moment

Death knocks on my door

Life thrown to the floor

Choice returns

Do I change course now?

My fatality bends my reality

Who am I without this container?

When I’m empty

Others can’t see me

I become invisible

To their probing eyes

Opportunities passing me by


I want to be seen

I yearn to be heard

I welcome support

To help guide me

I affirm my wish

We all have a choice

I choose me, now


I choose me, now

Strength illuminates

Motivation creeps in

Best self, let’s go

I believe in you now


Routine kicks in

Optimal health for the win

Life turns around

My spirit is found

Vibrant and whole

Connected through soul


Friendships in question

Sabotage no longer an option

We no longer relate

Your choices your fate

I intend to be strong

Responsibility on

Call me a mother

Showing care like no other


My feelings are real

yes it’s surreal

I once lived like you

And you like me

No questions

No hesitations

Hidden truths

Insecurities supported

Now I stand up

To my worth, there’s so much


Our connection at risk

My choices are for me

And yours for you

I can see that too

My warmth displaces you

Wishes misinterpreted

Pushing me away

Consciously unconsciously


Isolation a new normal

I find comfort in this solo

Taking refuge in the presence

Listening into the silence

Overcome by a truth that

I’m never alone

Always held, like a baby

By an unseen elder

Energy like a deity


Breath reminds me

To find peace here

As light enters

My awareness deepens

Senses open

This vibrancy, this vitality

Is here to stay


In this strength I surrender

And vow to remember

Self love equals Oneness

I bow to me, in my divinity

I bow to you, in your divinity

I see me, I love you

Eyes shut, but always open.

How did this poem feel for you? Can you relate? Keep sharing, please! Your words of encouragement inspire me to keep on going. Let me know in the comments below.

Dr. Rhea

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