How I Discovered I am Enough (poem)

A couple of months ago, I began feeling and hearing this flow of words and experiences come through me – starting with I am enough.

These segments of my story, my journey, through dis-ease, loss, rebirth, and aliveness rang true and powerful. To me, at least.

At first, I shared them sparingly, only with my husband and a few others close to me.

But I’m sharing them with you, now, because I want to practice what I often encourage my clients to do: to lean into their fears and step into the unknown.

This series reflects my life, my experiences – and I offer them to you to explore, see what they bring up for you, and possibly, to relate.

I hope you enjoy!

The first poem is called I AM ENOUGH, and it captures my experience with self-acceptance (self-love) and the power of mind coding, that is, planting seeds of positivity and hope in my mind.


Sleep deprived, foggy mind
Half awake, I feel fake
I’m lying down, my brain still on
I want to cry, I want to die
I hear you share, but I’m not really there
I live in my head, in my bed
Wide awake
I want to see, I want to feel
Am I real?
Real is truth, truth is heart
But I’m so far from that part
Who grades me, who can save me?
I am enough, I can lift myself up
I carry that force, I am the source
If my words can hurt, could they love too?
You’re amazing, you
That felt good, though misunderstood
Intellectually, I can inspire change within me
Slowly, patiently, carefully
I feel better already
Hope helps us feel, hope helps us heal
A night of full rest could bring me to my best
Accepting what I am, where I’m at
and I’ll pretend I’m at bat
Fake it til you make it
I do subscribe to it
I’m rested, I’m clear, I’m full of sensation
Reflecting my new affirmation.

Thank you for receiving my words.

I would love to know what you think or if this resonates with you – please leave your comments below!

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