Mind-Body January

Happy 2014 beautiful people!

We’re less than 2 weeks in, and so far, so good. I’ve coined January ‘Mind-Body Jan’, because, well, once a week (mind-body Mondays) is no longer enough (am I right?).

January is a time for reflection.

January is a time for resetting goals with intention.

January is a time for hibernation.

January is a time for personal development.

January is a time for rejuvenation.

In support of this, I’m leading a FREE 10-day juice and smoothie detox program, beginning Monday, January 13th.

Our virtual community is ever-expanding, now home to 3000+ health hungry members. The more the members, the more the merrier, the more the chatter, the more the awareness, the more the learning, the more the healing.

And well, healing is so much more fun and effective when you have a built in accountability system, complete with guidance (free protocols, templates, resources), cheerleaders, feedback, answers, acceptance, hope, positivity, encouragement, and most importantly, LOVE.

Yes, we love each other foremost, and that welcomes vulnerability, which subsequently opens the door to deeper, long-lasting healing. And by healing I mean more energy, improved mental clarity, brighter and clearer skin, healthier bowel movements, stronger immune function, a greater sense of inner peace, and in some cases, the reversal of acute and/or chronic pain and dis-ease. The latter is proven possible, and I can also personally attest, having been in this situation, and having succeeded in overcoming what I was once told was incurable disease.

Join us on Monday, in any capacity.

We welcome all, even those with little appetite for the main course, but who desire a small taste of our delicious dessert.

Once again, Happy New Year!

Sending you warm wishes for a fulfilling 2014.

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