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Organifi Green Juice Superfood Mix Product Review

For the past number of months I’ve been heavily experimenting with new food products, supplements, mindfulness practices and health tracking technologies.

I fell in love with a bunch of products and practices during this time.

If you know me well or follow my daily happenings on social media you’ll know I’m incredibly picky about which products I endorse. I look at everything from ingredients and formulations to customer service and accessibility.

Today I want to share one product that’s become a daily staple in my house: Organifi Green Juice Powder

Up until discovering Organifi, I would pre-mix all of my individually purchased superfoods into one mason jar to make things easier in the mornings and while traveling. I always wondered about the absorption of the superfoods and whether the dosages were accurate. But besides taking a multivitamin, I didn’t feel like I had other options. My clients also struggled with this.

For the first time in my life, I now have an easy to use all-in-one multi vitamin-mineral super green powder. And did I mention it’s delicious? 

I found out about Organifi because the founder and I are both members of a global community: the awesomeness fest tribe. I noticed a few posts of his on Facebook and after a little probing, found out about his green juice powder and I was eager to test it.

After further discussion with his team it’s become very clear how much time, energy, LOVE and consideration has gone into the creation of this magic potion (that’s what it feels like!). And for the low carb productivity hackers out there: this product is a fit! woot.

Order here to get 10% off >>> My Top Product Pick: Organifi Green Juice Powder

Here’s a list of the ingredients… recognize a few?

  • chlorella (algae rich in Vitamin A, zinc, iron and protein)
  • moringa (B-complex)
  • spirulina (similar to + synergistic effect with chlorella)
  • matcha green tea (antioxidant powerhouse)
  • wheatgrass (minerals, vitamins, amino acids)
  • coconut water (to enhance absorption)
  • beets (to sweeten the mix)
  • mint (digestive aid)
  • ashwagandha (stress relief, immune booster)
  • turmeric (powerful anti-inflammatory + antioxidant)
  • lemon (vitamin C, natural preservative)

I gifted the single serving packets to audience members during my last couple of speaking gigs, one at Envision Festival in Costa Rica and the other at RioCan during a corporate wellness talk I gave last month. Two completely different audiences and both groups LOVED the powder.

If you go ahead and order… PRETTY PLEASE let me know what you think (post in the comments below).

Dr. Rhea

PS I’ll be gifting more at my next speaking gig at Lightning in a Bottle Festival May 27/28 in California. If you’re planning to attend, let me know! I’ll be teaching some productivity hacking food + drink recipes in the Learning Kitchen as well as teaching Caribbean dance!

To order my favorite green juice powder, click here.

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