The Changemaker Formula – a transformative 30 day smoothie challenge

“The only constant in life is change”-Heraclitus.

Despite our inherent desires to be and feel healthy, the majority of us are overcome with stress and confusion before we ever get the chance to try.

I was there once upon a time, and it was an urgency that led me to change. I thankfully came out stronger and healthier, but it’s not fun to be the only one on this side. I won’t stop until we are collectively healthy.

Changing our lifestyles is not easy. However, making micro-adjustments to certain aspects of our lifestyles might be a little easier to chew on. One of the quickest ways I know to feel better is to focus on changing our first meal of the day—our breakfast.

I always say that every day we have another chance at a reset. The first few hours upon waking can make all the difference. It’s an opportunity to replenish your rested system with fuel in the form of nutrition and water.

When I was suffering from fibromyalgia and irritable bowel syndrome, I was overwhelmed with all the things I needed to do to clean up my diet and lifestyle and address all of my symptoms—specifically my digestive issues (chronic constipation, insta-bloating) and chronic pain.  Then I happened upon the wonderful world of unsweetened smoothies.

Unlock Your Health Potential with Smoothies

I like them to call them pre-chewed food, and because the blender takes care of most of that chewing, we can give our stressed-out digestive systems a break and help our bodies access all that nutrition. You are what you absorb, after all.

If you know me you’ll know that I have worked hard to build a case for the smoothie lifestyle—one that follows a simple formula takes little time to prepare and is extremely good for you and our planet. This is key.

In fact, I started Global Smoothie Day in 2015 to give my advocacy a platform and explore creative ways to help more and more people around the world onboard this ultra-rewarding lifestyle. In 2020 I published a beautifully designed smoothie recipe e-book and onboarding guide. You can download it for free here.

The Changemaker Formula: 4 weeks of Super Drinks

If you’re just starting out and wish to further educate yourself, you should read the e-book. If you’re already inspired and want to start experimenting in a safe way, I recommend my Changemaker Formula 30-day smoothie challenge.

The way I see it: Smoothies are the new fast food, except unlike regular fast food, smoothies recharge your body with vitamins, minerals, phytonutrients, fiber, healthy fats, and protein. Basically everything you need to feel energized, poop well, and restore your health, without getting in the way of your busy lifestyle.

How It Works

You’ll hear from me, your accountability partner, first thing in the morning, nearly every day in your inbox. I’ll give you a recipe (2 servings over 1-2 days) based on the ingredients you’ve picked up and I’ll send you some nutritional facts and inspiration to feed your curious mind.

How It’s Priced

I’ve priced it at $5.99 because I know the bigger investment for you is in the high-quality ingredients and the change in your lifestyle. I don’t want the price of this 4-week challenge to be a barrier for you.

What it Includes

Once you sign up, check your inbox! Check your spam if you don’t see it. Right away, you’ll start receiving emails with easy shopping lists that include produce and diverse superfoods that you can pick up online or in your favorite health food store. You’ll need to buy, borrow or dust off your blender, too. Each email will be infused with health tips and inspiration so that you feel excited to play in the kitchen.

In total, you’ll get 15 smoothie recipes to experiment with. Keep in mind that even though you may not have access to all the superfoods mentioned in the shopping lists, it’s okay! These are meant to inspire you, not overwhelm you. They are add-ons to the base recipe, and you should feel free to use your own creativity to complete the smoothie to your liking. This will of course get easier over time.

Start Now

If you’re feeling ready to join right now, do it! Share it with a buddy or loved one too. Accountability rocks. Register here: and if cost is a barrier, please contact me and I’ll enrol you for free.

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