Veggie Spiralizer

Vegetable Spiralizer Product Review

The perks of a Spiralizer

Make your own pasta out of vegetables with a vegetable spiralizer, also commonly referred to as a vegetable spiral slicer. For the foodies, the culinary curious, and those delving into the land of vegetarianism, the spiralizer is a kitchen gadget you must get your hands on! This gadget takes salads to a whole new level, by adding in a spiral twist. And the best part: the noodles, as satiating as they are, won’t leave you feeling full. Instead, they’ll fill you up with whole-food nutrition. Ideal veggies and fruits to play with include zucchini, daikon radish, sweet potato, carrot, butternut squash, apple and cucumber.  Various blade options will allow you to transform your produce into thin and thick spaghetti, ribbons or spiral strands.  To use, simply place your fruit or vegetable on the spikes, wind the handle, and voila! Nearly instant noodles, but the nutrient-dense kind! To clean, remove the blade and wipe down the gadget with a wet cloth.

Why I love my spiralizer

When I’m craving a light dish, but not feeling like a simple salad, my spiralizer saves the day. Through a simple change in form, my dish becomes more appealing, while the preparation time remains essentially the same. Despite being nice to look at, spiralized veggies also give me a satisfaction similar to pasta that’s made with brown rice or other gluten-free grains. My spiral slicer is also very easy to handle and store – both important factors for regular use! I like to store mine in a cupboard or in the pantry, as it’s small enough to fit on most standard shelves. Whether you choose to purchase one that’s upright or horizontal, pick one that’s comfortable for you in look, feel and size, and make sure it’s stored in an accessible place!

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