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How Dr. Rhea Mehta Forged Her Own Path to Health and Healing

In the last article (Read it here), we learned about the struggles Dr. Rhea Mehta, Molecular Toxicologist, integrative nutrition advisor, and leader in health advocacy, had to go through from an early age till the time she was doing her Ph.D. This article will talk about the changes she made in her life and how she started the RAWjuvenation Community.

Taking a Different Path

Having been vulnerable to doctors throughout her life, it was time for Rhea to make a change. Since she was a doctorate candidate in academia, her education gradually began to give her the confidence needed to ask questions. She started asking her doctors questions she needed answers for instead of just listening to their advice. She wasn’t interested in taking any more medicines because of the side effects that came with those pills. When she was talking to her gastroenterologist, he told her about a book he had written.

This was the first time he had ever mentioned it. But since Rhea was questioning what was happening to her and why it was taking place, her curiosity and academic background led her to the book that paved a new way altogether. This book led her to more information such as the microbiome and how cutting out lactose may improve her condition. In a similar way, other doctors, such as her rheumatologist, and authors of books she started finding, gave her little pieces of information that she could connect. This information opened up a whole new world of lifestyle medicine she could explore and inspired her to get further training in while simultaneously putting the learnings into practice.

Immediate Changes that Led to a 22 Day Juice Fast

Now that Rhea had a way to proceed, she began with cutting out dairy from her own diet. Seems simple right, sadly it’s not. The problem with cutting out dairy is that it is hidden in lots of products. It required extreme motivation on her part to cut out dairy products altogether. This dietary change alone helped her in reducing inflammation in her body that was keeping her from sustaining her physical strength. These were also linked to many mental effects that came soon after cutting out dairy and getting back into physical fitness. She felt clearer in mind than she had in years. She also felt more confident, excited, and optimistic – which gave her the motivation to continue exploring her health. Her new sentiments gradually led to a thirst inside her to read more environmental and nutritional science-based literature about the toxicity residing inside her body and the potential for a whole food plant-based and caloric restriction combination diet to help her personal situation. It is then that she started a 22-day juice fast that changed her forever—in mind, body, and spirit.

How the Evolution of Research Helped

Back when Rhea started researching detoxification, nutrition science, and fasting, research was limited to cellular and animal research, with the odd study in humans. Most of the data she came across was anecdotal. So she decided to take a community-based approach where she was transparent with her online community that she was experimenting with holistic medicine invited others along for the journey, as cheerleaders and participants. Her transparency was empowering for many, especially knowing she was rooted in science and honesty. Many community members decided to join her on her quest for whole body optimization through trial and error.

Eventually, research expanded in this space. Now people like Rhea weren’t limited to conducting experiments in their bedrooms. With the growing awareness of and openness to wellness, Rhea’s community and her impact grew. After a few years, positive research on intermittent fasting and whole food, plant-based nutrition entered the field. Also, more and more practitioners started to acknowledge the impact of environmental toxicity on both the body and the planet. These changes were very welcomed by Rhea as she felt her lifestyle was finally trending!

How Rhea Formed the RAWjuvenation Community

Rhea moved into this world organically, pun intended. She published an article in 2012 for MindBodyGreen, which drew attention to a Facebook group she started called RAWjuvenation Community Cleanse with Dr. Rhea. She launched this group while also going back to school to study integrative nutrition and health coaching. She was already recognized as a figure of authority in the world given her doctorate in Toxicology and Nutritional Biochemistry, and her further training only heightened the confidence and trust of her community in her capacity as a healer and optimal health advisor. She managed RAWjuvenation community authoritatively and honestly and also invited other health coaches to share their expertise as contributors. Her education and inspiration naturally attracted a clientele who she began supporting 1:1 through coaching programs. Rhea passionately continues this work to this day, through her Optimal Health Consultancy, Living Rhea.

In the next article of this series, we will see what changes everyone should make to their daily lives in order to live better, as recommended by Dr. Rhea Mehta.

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