Taking Ownership of Your Health

The poem I’m sharing today, PREVENTION, is about my experience with taking ownership of my health and life, as opposed to feeling like a victim to its circumstances.

I hope you enjoy.


I wish I could face disease
I wish I could feel motivated to step up now
Practice self-care
I want to wake up
I want to feel my aliveness in every moment
I want to feel inspired to step up now
I want to enter health now
It’s okay if I don’t know how
The clues will come
My desire is enough
My vision is tough to forget
I keep it close, I keep it front
I watch it, I feel it, I taste it
I dream big, I feel strong
Clues are here
Clarity is approaching
I hold her tight
I remember my desire
I recall my vision
I pay attention
I observe, I attempt
I feel more alive
This feels right
I can see the light
Keep going, love
I believe in you
Your world needs you
Take your time, find your pace
It’s not a race
When motivation disappears
Hold your dreams and vision near
They will help you process your fears
Breathe, you’re here

Dr. Rhea

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