Vital Signs – Times of Pain and Loss

This creative burst has been an outlet for me to chant my soul’s song, using emotion and life experience. It’s been liberating to say the least, and I thank you for receiving my truth in this format.

This next instalment, VITAL SIGNS, is connected to my father’s transition, and to my thoughts and experiences around the friends we keep closest to us, those who might not always have our healthiest interests at heart.


Enter health
She’s around you
Surrounds you
Within you
Health gives us life
But what is life
Vitality or mediocrity?
Do we seek help only when sick?
How sick? What is sick?
Does sick hurt?
Maybe to your kids when they
Find you, lose you, cremate you
Were your cravings worth it?
Did you know how to break it?
What would you do with a second chance?
Choose to be there for your daughter’s first dance?
What do you do with a second chance?
Stop smoking, quit drinking, let your guides in
To teach you, to lead you, to feed you
Accountability keeps us in check
Reminders, notifications, post-its, friends
Why do you have friends?
To love you, to lift you, to hear you
Why do we have friends?
To fill the space, to validate our ways, to pass the days
Nostalgia creeps in
I see them, I offer commitment
Because of that one time they saved me
Or bailed and failed me?
How do I let go and avoid sorrow
Feelings help us grow
Feelings help us show
Up we go with clarity, prosperity
A fresh perspective
A breath detected
From death to life
From dark to light
From blind to sight
I choose vitality

As always, feel free to reach out in the comments below if this resonated with you. I’d love to hear from you.

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